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Jack Shaft Gear Adjustment(Yellow 2003-04)

F15T/E:17T Sat-R-DaỹM

There are a couple of ways to tweak the gear ratio of the Sat-R-Day(and most recumbents); in addition to either changing the gears of the rear sprocket or chain ring, you can change the gear ratio by changing the gears of the jackshaft... the gears in between the rear sprocket and the chain ring.

We asked around for advice on how we can get some lighter gears for those hills in our neighborhood, but kept hearing that bigger gears in the rear (sprocket) may cause some chain line problems, preventing smooth shifting.

Just then, Maki-san, who is "Thee Recument Consultant" to us gave us the ida of changing the gear ratio at the jackshaft. (In fact, he was trying it out himself on his Sat-R-Day )
Maki-san kindly presented (Ta)-san with a 17T gear as a "Welcome to the Sat-R-Day Club" present when our Sat-R-Days came.

Changing the original 15T with the 17T gear proved a big success, and the overall gearing became 1 to 2 speeds lighter, enabling (Ta)-san to climb hills muchi easier with the lighter gears.

jackshaftMO jackshaftM

Notice the gear size increase by the way the chain comes out of the gear plate.