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January 10, 2022

Schwalbe Tube 16" x 1 1/4 SV4



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May 24, 2020

Rixen Jute (麻)"Re-" Bag


The Rixen Kaul Frontbag: Daypack Box which I've been using so long for bicycle touring has become quite sticky with grime and dust, making me decide to trash it. When ripping off the outer cover, out came a (still) firm skeleton frame that made me have second thoughts about throwing the whole thing away.


Looking through the closet to find something I can turn into a cycle basket, out comes a jute shopping bag I recall getting at the Hethrow Airport Duty Free. Looks nice as a casual cycling basket by fixing the frame to it.


The jute bag is strong enough and the fram fits perfectly size wise.

20200524rixen3.jpg 20200524rixen4.jpg

Actually looks fancy. Can't wait to use it on my next shopping chore.


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December 13, 2018

Biki (Share Bikes in Honolulu)

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There were more than few rental bicycle shops in Honolulu from before mainly targeted for tourists. Now Honolulu has a public bike share service called BIKI(,and local residents as well as tourists can easily and usefully use bicycles for a reasonable price. Moving around Honolulu outside of Waikiki is actualy efficient by bicycle.

Biki is very "American" by the fact that everything is taken care of with a credit card.Initial registration and requesting the rental,managing the rental time,locking/unlocking of a bike, as well as the payment (naturally) is all associated with the credit card used at registeration. At any BIKI cyce station located within Honolulu, you can drrop off or re-rent the bike using the registered credit card. The hub internal geared 3 speed bicycle equipped with front/back lights and a simple front carrier is sturdy but heavy. All the bikes seem to be well maintenainced and is well enough to use for city use. The bikes are fitted with long seat posts to handle tall riders...something that a bike share service in the city coming up with the Olympics should refer to and take into account....thos seatposts are way too short DOCOMO-San !

It was noticable that the service is well sunk in to the comminity seeing not only the tourists but many local residents were making use of this bikeshare service.

181201biki4.jpg 181201biki3.jpg

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